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Can I be prosecuted in the state of Arizona for an unpaid payday loan?

I have an unpaid payday loan from 2005. I thought I had taken out the loan using a check from a closed account & that was not the case. I did however wind up closing out my account after the loan was taken out. Actually, the credit union told me that they’d rather not do business with me anymore and it was at their discretion.

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  1. Victimcrats says:

    It would be a civil lawsuit, not a criminal one. Debtors prisons don’t exist in the United States any longer.

  2. quizzard123 says:

    You thought you’d used a check from a closed account, but in any event closed the account after getting the loan?

    Yes, you can indeed be prosecuted, you took money under false pretenses. It’s called fraud.

    This isn’t about failing to pay a debt. This is about using a check you knew was fraudulent to pay a debt. So while the person above is correct about not going to jail for debt, you can definitely go to jail for fraud.

  3. Mr.Next Generation says:

    I not sure , make sure u get lawyers

  4. Golden says:

    sounds like fraud to me. a prosecutable offense.

  5. wizjp says:

    uh….see a lawyer. Using a check on a closed account may be a criminal matter in AZ.

  6. Michael C says:

    You committed fraud by intentionally writing a check that you knew (or at least thought) would not be honored. You can be charged with fraud in criminal court and sued in civil court for the money.

  7. BlairLuvr says:

    You can ruin your credit by not paying up. You have some nerve if you even think that you were somehow the injured party. You are not.

  8. Jame says:

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  9. Bruce A says:

    depends if you got the loan within the state if not than answer is NO but depending on the contract it states by law if you close youre account right after you get the money it can be consider as fraud and you could be sued by them my best bet is to pay off youre loan so you do have any problems I’ve had friends who burrowed loan from this company called GetECash and they explained about that to them very helpful and reliable as well plus they have better rates than most payday loan companies they can work with youre loan so you can pay it off check them out

  10. Klaudia says:


    What you have done is illegal as you knew (when writing a check) that it will not be accepted / honored. You might be prosecuted and in this case I would suggest you contact a lawyer and see what can be done. There is a good possibility for some kind of a deal, so start working on it asap and I am sure you will be OK

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