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Loan Modification question on two properties?

I have two properties. One has a 750k loan on the first and 93k on the second; this is my current residence. The second property has 450k on an Adjustable ARM that is a Negative Amortization, which will expire in a few months (old residence of 16 yrs, now became a rental). Will it be possible to get a loan modification for both properties? The first property is a fixed interest only, the second is a negative mortization. I am in Northern California.

Thank you for your time


  1. Dilara H says:

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  2. Landlord says:

    It looks like there is a new shark looking for gullible prey.

    Ignore the scum bag above me.

    No, you can not modify investments. They are no recourse loans and not covered in any bail out program.

    Your residence is a maybe if your house payment exceeds 40% of your income, but keep in mind the rent you are collecting is counted to.

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