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What is the best home loan for a short term mortgage?

Jennifer d asked:

It is for an investment property and I am only planning on holding on to it for 3-5 years. What is the best home loan available with the lowest payment without any differed intrest?
Asked on: 2007-11-20 12:27:15


  1. tink81 says:

    Best rates s/b on the fixed loans right now. I would look for something no higher than 6%. If it was owner-occupied, I would say btwn 5% and 5.5%, but you’ll have a little higher rate since it’s an investment property. Go with a straight 30-year fixed to get the lowest payment amount.

  2. Rusty says:

    The minimum term for mortgage lenders is 15 years, sometimes 10. In any case you would have a hard time getting a mortgage on investment property. They’re riskier loans and the guidelines are not the same as for owner occupied properties. Maybe you could get a loan from a bank using the property as collateral.

  3. Ed Atun says:

    The best rate would be a 5 Year Balloon loan. It is a 30 year loan but the bank expects you to pay it off in 5 years. It doesn’t actually end in 5 years but the rate goes up to the market rate plus 1/2%..

  4. Mrslinda P says:

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  5. Karla A says:

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