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What banks have money and are lending for home loans right now?

Mechanicboy asked:

I have a FICO score of 725 so I’m thinking if I find the right bank I could still get a home loan even in this economy, but which banks should I apply at first? I live in Northern California and want a fixed rate loan.
Asked on: 2012-12-24 17:04:54


  1. euphoria says:

    with a credit score of 725 you shouldnt have a problem getting a loan you really need to get with a loan officer and they can tell you what to do to and the best loan for you or if you dont want to do that shop around yourself maybe try a credit union! I strive to have a credit score of 720 that is my personal goal for myself mines is 519 so tell me where can i get a loan lol! Good Luck and God Bless! You will be okay!

  2. U.S. Bank has been advertising a lot for home equity loans, so I do assume they would also be a good choice for home loans.

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