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How can you get a home loan with really poor credit?

lil_shortiesunshine asked:

My husband, myself and our kids, are living with his parents, for the past six months. We both have very poor credit and are in desparate need of our own place. We now can afford our own place but cannot get a loan to purchase one. We have down payment in hand, and the monthly income to afford everything, but we are still without a home! Can someone please help with an idea of how to get a $6500.00 loan?
There is no other proerty or anything to be used for a mortgage! We are trying to purchase a very nice 3BR,2BA, mobile home. We have nothing other than the down payment to put on it, and can afford the monthly payments, and the insurance, along with everything else.
Asked on: 2008-11-20 06:18:15