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Home Loans for first time home buyers?

Just curious if their are any home loans out their for first time home buyers that dont require any down payment? Or maybe include it in the loan itself. Me nor my fiance are veterans, or have ever been in the military. help! thanks!

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  1. falsi fiable says:

    Thankfully, the days of zero down loans are behind us. Most lenders require 10% down for traditional financing and 3.5% for FHA loans. You will need another 1 to 3% for closing costs.

    Read “Home Buying for Dummies” to learn more.

  2. Rob says:

    worst thing u can do is ‘zero down’.

    keep renting .
    b married at least a year.
    finish your educations.
    work in your fields 2 yrs at least.

    SAVE up 10,000 -15,000$
    for down payments, closing costs,
    moving expenses, empty house syndrome.

    use the library to learn b4 u get burned.

    house buying kit for dummies, e . tysen.
    total money makeover, dave ramsey.

    both will save u decades and 100,000s$
    of hard pain filled life lessons by learning
    from others dumb mistakes , not your own.

    VA loans are higher costs and fees than conventional

    do your learning.

    good knowledge is good luck.

  3. shy_lil_baby1 says:

    Usda loan you don’t need a down payment but the home had to be in a rural area a and there’s are a few qualifications. Google it to see if it’s right for you

  4. Fairdo4all says:

    Don’t know about the USA but certainly not in the UK.

  5. Tanmay says:


    Yes some banks are offered that down payment are not require(Its depends on seasons). you can apply then when they advertisement on that. Or if you want you can apply mortgage loan. Mortgage loan about some things your like property papers, Gold, etc. deposit it and get some amount of money of that. After that you return with interest then you got your papers or gold what you deposit. In Belize condos you can get your home at low cost. You can contact there agents and apply your home. Its nice place to stay.

    Thank You!!

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