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Chances of getting a home loan at a credit union?

Has anyone gotten a home loan from a credit union? My husband and I are looking into this, I plan on going to a few on my day off next week to see if they will give us one. We need a very small one ($50,000), but are having trouble with mortgage lenders and bigger banks, because 1) He has (good) credit and I don’t have any 2) He works part time and I work full time. Also, we have switched jobs a couple times int the past year or so (opportunities came up to make more money) We have lived in our apt for over a year and a half, and have never been late on our rent pymts or utility pymts.

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  1. bluebell says:

    If your local credit union is a big one, it may have the resources to lend you this much. If you have borrowed from them before, they will recognise you as a reliable member/customer and oblige if they can, though it might be high for a first loan. Go talk to them anyway. My home loan from my credit union was under 30k.

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