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Student Loans

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status of my student loan?

Do I still owe on student loans with Sallie Mae or any other... (Continue reading)

Student loans and marriage?

Does one have to be married to consolidate their student loans?... (Continue reading)

need student loan question?

i need a small student loan for fall semester, just for books and things, which bank is best and also how much should the loan be? Note* just waiting for my grants to get here, so as soon as i... (Continue reading)

Bad credit student loans?

I am looking for a student loan that would apply to a student with bad credit. A stafford loan and federal plus loan will not help. Help if you can.... (Continue reading)

Which student loan company is better, Discover or Citiassist?

I want to know which has lower interest rates and which is a better loan company for student loans overall. Thanks!... (Continue reading)

Questions about Income based repayment on student loans.?

Ok so starting July 1st the payments you make on your student loans go off of your income- Cool. But do the Sallie Mae Signature Student-UNSUB Private Loans count as part of the IBR system?... (Continue reading)

Question regarding Army: student loan repayment program SLRP?

I have stafford loans and also Private student loans. Will the army paid for both my loans as a SLRP program??? My loan amount totals at $34,000 any help plzzzz??? Incoming search terms:army slrp... (Continue reading)

student loans abroad?

i have a question about student loans… if you live in northern ireland would the N.I. government pay you a student loan if you go to a university in canada?... (Continue reading)

Question about Student Loans and Student Aid?

Do I NEED to fill out the FAFSA in order to get Student Loans or Aid?... (Continue reading)

about Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan?

i am an international student in Bangkok Thailand. i am kinda planning to transfer from here to the US, (California) so i am looking for a student loan. i found Sallie Mae Smart Option Loan. so i am wondering how... (Continue reading)

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