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Small Business Loan

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bank have become less risk averse?

loan to small business and household have turned to be non-performing. is there any possible explanation? any connection why business are having a bad debt or why cant they pay off?... (Continue reading)

funding for a business?

I am in the process of setting up a business plan for a potential stable yard business. I estimate that i will need a mortgage of approx £125,000 to purchase land and then a further £60,000 loan to set up... (Continue reading)

Is there any person willing to loan $15,000 for the chance of getting a return of $60,000?

my business associate and I require a short term loan... (Continue reading)

how can i get a government secure loan?

looking to get a goverment loan secured or none secured, interest free or low interest to pay. ranging from $300,000 to $1,000,000 or at the most $2,000,000... (Continue reading)

How can i get a grant to start a business. I want something that is safe and easy to understand.?

... (Continue reading)

Is starting your own business a bad idea?

I know that a person could open their own café / tea rooms without experience. As long as the person has a food hygiene certificate, they can work with food. I’ll have my food hygiene certificate in six months time,... (Continue reading)

I don’t get why a scum bag can have so my h and I have so little?

Theres this guy who I used to go to school with I didn’t really know him at school however since leaving school he as been in and out of prison most of his life for various charges however he as... (Continue reading)

Are unsecure or tenant loans a good idea if your bank has turned you down for a loan??

I am trying to raise some cash to start a small business, but my funding has fallen through and my bank wont help me. Their are many loan companies who offer unsercure loans to tenants , are these all they... (Continue reading)

Can I get a Grant to start up my own business? (I DO know they are out there)?

Hi there, I wondered if I can get a Grant to start up my own business? (I DO know they are out there). But who do I ask? I’d like to ask for an extra extension onto my Mum’s house,... (Continue reading)

What are you expected to put in a business plan?

... (Continue reading)

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