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Personal Loans

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Converting credit card outstanding into personal loan?

I have some 1.5 lac credit card outstanding to be paid at 3.15% monthly. Every month I have to set apart huge amount for credit card payment, due to which I have to give up other important expenses.Now, I’m thinking... (Continue reading)

i wanna get a personal loan for $7000 and have a question…?

i wanna get a personal loan of $7000 but wanting to not start making payments on it for atleast a there any places out there that will do that?... (Continue reading)

I need a personal loan with fair credit?

Hi all, i am in need of a personal loan for at least ten thousand dollars. i am using this loan to pay off debt, most of which is credit cards and a previous personal loan. does anyone no a... (Continue reading)

How to get approved for personal bank loan?

Any advice on how to get approved for a personal unsecured bank loan? I would like to apply through Halifax for £7000 for home improvements. I’ve been banking (current account no credit cards) with them for just over a year,... (Continue reading)

Personal loan or credit card?

Which bank is lenient with personal loans or credit card for amounts below AED10.000? Should be also reasonable interest rates. Shukran!!... (Continue reading)

credit inquiries for car and personal loan?

is it true that by seeking information from various lenders on good rates for a car loan or personal loan your score won’t go down and you won’t have multiple inquiries?... (Continue reading)

question about personal loans!!?

can personal loan companies garnish unemployment checks?? also, does anyone know what will happen if i stopped paying on my loan, will i go to court or will it just go to my credit report??? its a personal loan, i... (Continue reading)

what’s the best personal loan?

looking for a personal loan but cant make high payments back .. Incoming search terms:loan adviced com... (Continue reading)

is 10% fair for a personal loan?

I am looking for a source for a personal loan, particularly from credit unions. now the best quote I have gotten so far is for 10% up to $10,000 (I need about 6k) for 24 months from a credit union.... (Continue reading)

My husband is getting a personal loan?

We both bank through bank of america, way before we were married. We still have separate bank accounts. My account is overdrawn. If he goes to take out a personal loan will this affect him?... (Continue reading)

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