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Payday Loan

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How can I get out simultaneous payday loans ?

I have too many payday loans out right now, and I don’t know if my credit is good enough to get another loan to pay them off. Does anyone know of a debt consolidation/loan program that could help me get... (Continue reading)

I need another payday loan but where?

I just took out a payday loan and am trying to get another–but I am being denied because my first loan exists in the Chex System Report. Is there any online payday loan that does not check with Chex System.... (Continue reading)

I took out a payday loan a few months ago and thought i paid it off now they’re charging me 5x what i borrowed?

I took out a payday loan a few months ago because I had an emergency. The loan was for 250 and taken outin 3 payments which I would have ended up paying about 60 dollars more than I borrowed. I... (Continue reading)

Can I file bankruptcy on payday and finance loans?

I don’t know how I got here. Both my parents are passed away and I don’t have a family but my husband. I owe 4 finance companies and 1 payday loan. They are swallowing me up. All I am working... (Continue reading)

I have an unpaid payday loan question?

I have a payday loan for $185 that is a week overdue in Louisiana. I called and said I could pay it Friday, but she seems unwilling to work with me.I can pay off this loan, but I got into... (Continue reading)

is there any payday loans in republic of ireland apart from provident?

im looking for a short term payday loan in the republic of ireland any1 know any that are not actually full of c.r.ap... (Continue reading)

How can I stop Payday loan people from draining my chkng acct?

I have one loan and will pay it back, but scared they gonna screw me over.... (Continue reading) payday loans boost your credit?

Is there any way to garner credit through payday loan companies?... (Continue reading)

Online payday loans, how to repay them?

I took out two loans online two years ago. I never repaid them and that bank account is closed. I can’t remember the name of the companies either. That’s bad I know Anyway they are not on my credit report,... (Continue reading)

what are the laws on payday loans in DC?

Check n Go left DC because of laws pertaining to payday loans in the District ( or so they say ) so what are these laws and do they pertain to all payday loan companies... (Continue reading)

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