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Payday Loan

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Financially destroyed by Payday loans need advice.?

As I sit here my account is overdrawn by $700. It’s going to continue to be overdrawn because I have $7000 in Payday loans that keep coming out, even though I tried to stop payment on them. I am about... (Continue reading)

what is the best online payday loan?

What is the best online payday loan that is legetimate?... (Continue reading)

I have a payday loan & i am unable 2 pay what happens if i do not extend & pay it when i have the full amount.?

I have closed my bank account & the payday advance place has a check w/ my name on it.. If i decide not to extend my loan & just wait until i have the full amount and pay it in... (Continue reading)

Anybody know of a good payday loan company/website?

Need a payday advance…any advice is appreciated!... (Continue reading)

is this true? canyou go to jail for a payday loan?

Ok, I applied for a few payday loans awhile back, but never actually got one. I never signed any agreement or whatever. Today I get 12 messages on my answeing maching from some guy in california (i live in vermont).... (Continue reading)

Instant approval payday loans help?

I need some loan. I am employed and I am in need of urgent loan in need of financial assistance. Is there any website to read about this kind of loan and does it exist?... (Continue reading)

Checking and payday loan question?

question… i have a payday loan. my dad and i had a joint account but he closed it. he only had access to see the account and transfer funds. his name was never on any checks i used for my... (Continue reading)

I have a payday loan ? I need advice. HELP? Serious answers please.?

Ok I took a payday loan with Ace Cash Express. I owe them 616.28. I got behind in bills so I could not re pay the loan I had with them. So , I got a call today that now... (Continue reading)


I live in Illinois and currently have 2 large payday loans. How can I get out of this situation?... (Continue reading)

Online Payday loans. I closed my account…what will happen now?

I had several online payday loans. They would just take payments from my checking account. I became overwhelmed with all of them, so i closed my checking account so that they could no longer take money from it. I was... (Continue reading)

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