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Payday Loan

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I had a payday loan and am now being threatened with “involuntary collections”, what are those?

I took out a payday loan and my fiance lost his job afterwards. I haven’t paid the loan for the last three months because every amount I offer that I can afford to pay, they will not accept as a... (Continue reading)

Is anyone familiar with “payday loans”? If so, are these known to be scams or is it legitimate?

I see these payday loan websites pop up on my computer and find them in my inbox. I was wondering if these are all scamming websites, or are these legitimate loan offers you can use if you have issues with... (Continue reading)

Has anyone had a successful experience with any payday loan consolidator in Texas? Help!?

I have some payday loans that I can’t afford to keep up with anymore. Anyone have any legit companies they have worked with to help them get out of this? They are store front places in Texas.... (Continue reading)

Will a payday loan company really serve me and take me to court over a $300 payday loan?

Two years ago i took out a $300 payday loan and i lost my job shortly after, i’ve been trying to get back on my feet since then. I took it out from a payday loan company online and a... (Continue reading)

Can payday loans be helpful with redundancy?

I have a few payday loans out at the moment which are due to be paid at the end pf the month. However i was made redundant last month and really going to struggle to pay them this month and... (Continue reading)

Should I get a payday loan for my current dilemma?

My transmission broke down on my RV. Currently that’s where I live and it’s what I use to get to work. The work is done but I’m short paying it off until at least one more paycheck comes in. And... (Continue reading)

How do I stop Bull Crap from Payday Loan Companies? They keep on calling me.?

I think someone is using my social security to apply for payday loan. I never applied for loans at all but I am getting like 10 phone calls per day from different payday loans. I’ve been telling them that I... (Continue reading)

How can i get Payday Loan?

How does a payday loan work and how could I get one if I have crappy credit? Do I have to pay the whole amount of the loan back in one payday? And how much would I have to pay... (Continue reading)

What is an quick,secure and fax-less payday loan online that can be trusted?

I have been looking up “payday loans” and keep getting directed to sights that say I need to choose at least 2 offers to continue.I know in all these sights are a scam,but in a bind,you have to do what... (Continue reading)

what are the best payday loan sites?

I need a payday loan, but I’ve gotten them in the past and never paid them off. Are there any payday loan sites that will still approve me? Please no lectures.... (Continue reading)

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