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Payday Loan

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Where is there a legit payday loan or cash advance company in the state of Maryland?

I have very poor credit and I am trying so hard to rebuild it. I live in Maryland and I am trying to get a cash advance or payday loan. Does anyone know of a lendor not a broker who... (Continue reading)

What do I do about this payday loan?

I took out a payday loan a few months back… they lended $600. Recently I discovered that payday loan companys cant lend anymore than $500 in the state of Virginia (which is where I live) What do I do about... (Continue reading)

Has anyone ever gotten a payday loan from PayDay One…?

And if so, how was your expreience with them? I’m very leery of giving any of these places my checking account info. over the internet, but their terms aren’t as bad as some payday loan places, so I’m hoping someone... (Continue reading)

how can i pay these payday loans off asap?

i got myself in trouble with a bunch payday loans that i cant pay back right away…a few are already in credit report is probably shot now…help!!... (Continue reading)

Bad Credit payday loan?

I am looking for a loan shark. I am desperate. I only need a small loan (about $800). Problems are…I am disalbed. I only draw disability, I do not have a bank account, only have an Account Now prepaid debit... (Continue reading)

Should Payday Loan stores be made illegal in all 50 states?

Only July 1, the state of Oregon passed laws forcing these payday loan companies to treat customers fairly and not charge outrageous interest of 500% or more. Most of the stores left the state. Should the rest of the nation... (Continue reading)

payday loans payback?

I recd a payday loan for $500 back in Aug. I closed my bank account shortly after it was deposited and went into collections. That pay day loan company sent it to collections and they sent it to a company... (Continue reading)

payday loan issue on voting day?

I live in ohio and this is one of the issue on the ballot that day and I’m on the fence. They are trying to lower the rate they can charge the customers for the short term loans and by... (Continue reading)

Ever used a online payday loan service?

Was just wondering if anyone has used an online payday loan service, kind of really tight for cash, for like a week. Need to borrow but no credit card, need quick cash. Are they safe to use and if anyone... (Continue reading)

Need Help With Loan?

Hey I need to know how I can get a 1500$ loan. I cant do it through payday loans because their Interest rates are EXTREMELY high, and I havent been in the credit bureau long enough to get a personal... (Continue reading)

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