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Payday Loan

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I was wondering- when u get a payday loan?

When u apply for a payday loan can they approve u and not tell u then send u to another lender so then u owe even more cause ur really getting more than one loan if they can do that????... (Continue reading)

Legal advice involving payday loan company?

Someone I know had an issue with a payday loan company. Here’s what I understand: The consumer borrowed a loan from this online-based company. The consumer was misled about the fees, so a manager decided to waive all financing fees... (Continue reading)

payday loan places?

do they check your credit score report before they give you a loan. I have this unexpected thing come up and I wont have cash until for about 2 weeks, I have okay credit, but I know everytime a place... (Continue reading)

Payday loan question…?

I have an online payday loan that i have out…i will being paying for it this friday…but i need to take one out at a payday store..will i be able to do it… i know i shouldnt be doing these... (Continue reading)

Payday loan question ?

Hi all I have borrow a 350 from (payday loan yes) 5 monthe ago The first payment they got from my bank account was 350 +105+105+30 at the same day (i thoght that i done from the payments)but after 15... (Continue reading)

Other ways to get emergency money besides payday loans?

I have been doing re-search & every where I look people advise against payday loans. I was looking into a payday loans because you can get the money the next day & I am in need of cash by this... (Continue reading)

How to get out of payday loan debt?

I’m like $4,500 in payday debt and I was wondering how to get outta this mess ASAP. Please help!... (Continue reading)

does anyone know of a payday loan company that will loan to somone on SSI?

I only earn 649 dollars a month so most payday loan companies won’t let me get a loan does anyone know of one that will loan to someone on SSI this is an urgent situation.... (Continue reading)

Is it legal for a payday loan to loan more than what you make?

My husband and I only make 1800.00 every 2 weeks but we had a total of 4 pay day loan places loaning us 2400.00 even though we showed them our pay stubs and let them know my husbands hours were... (Continue reading)

Payday Loan FACTS?

Do you guys realize there is absolutely nothing they can do to you if you don’t pay? The impact on your credit report is minimal as it just shows as some random company you owe money to. DO NOT EVER... (Continue reading)

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