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Loan Modification

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I am in the process of the trial period loan modification with Bank of America?

My Question is, When the 3 months is finished are they behind in this dept. also? It took me forever to get to this point. I have been making all of my payments on time now. I am just not... (Continue reading)

Loan Modification question on two properties?

I have two properties. One has a 750k loan on the first and 93k on the second; this is my current residence. The second property has 450k on an Adjustable ARM that is a Negative Amortization, which will expire in... (Continue reading)

Modification Loan Question?

If our monthly mortgage payment is reduced through the home affordable modification program, does the difference from the new “modified” payment and our old higher payment get added to the total balance of the loan? So will we end up... (Continue reading)

Are any loan reconstruction or modification programs free…?

A National Loan modification based out of I think Palm Beach Fl, contacted me concerning loan reconstruction, but it will cost me $2495, are any of these programs free. I’m in an option arm, and I want to get out... (Continue reading)

Mortgage Modification NPV?

I am trying to figure out the NPV abyss before applying for a mortgage modification. As it stands, my personal credit is terrible and I am now almost 3 months behind on my house payments. I am looking for thoughts... (Continue reading)

confused yet once again ! modification or refinance?

can anyone please tell me what the difference is between the Loan modification help being offered and the refinace offers being offered by the new programs our president has asked lenders to participate in…Where do these programs help people who... (Continue reading)

How can someone find an attorney who specializes in loan modifications without being scammed?

I’ve already been scammed, was asked to pay a big fee upfront and told to stop making my mortgage payments only to find out their goal is to have you go into foreclosure and take over your house, they disappeared... (Continue reading)

how do i get a loan modification , if my spouse gets paid off the book?

ok please help me…i want to apply for a loan modification on my house cause i cant afford this months mortgage. the problem is i dont want to go outside and pay $3000 to get it done when the bank... (Continue reading)

if you default on your loan modification for your mortgage can you apply for another loan modification?

... (Continue reading)

Is it better to get a loan modification first before filing for bankruptcy?

... (Continue reading)

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