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How do they determine your mortgage rate if you get a house with a friend? Do they average credit scores?

Ashley Z asked: How do they determine your mortgage rate if you are getting a house with a friend not a husband? Do they average both of your credit scores?Asked on: 2010-01-30 18:54:57... (Continue reading)

What is the best available mortgage rate available to canadians right now?

vphone asked: What is the best available mortgage rate available to canadians right now. I am looking to get preapproved for a 5 year term with a fixed interest rate. ThanksAsked on: 2010-01-24 02:28:15... (Continue reading)

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How will tomorrow’s suspected rate cut affect mortgage rates?

jimbob asked: I’m on the verge of getting a mortgage and was curious how the rate cut would affect mortgage rates. Is it a direct relationship, like if my rate is 6% today and tomorrow they cut a half point,... (Continue reading)

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How will the Fed’s rate cut affect my mortgage rate?

dasielady asked: I have been pre-approved for a mortgage through my credit union. The loan is a 5-year ARM for 80% of the value, and a 5-year Balloon for 17% of the value, and I am putting 3% down on... (Continue reading)

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How does the unemployment rate affect mortgage rates?

areusmarterthanafifthgrader asked: from regression analysis I found that there is a strong positive relationship between the unemployment rate and mortgage rates. I can’t figure out why. Any thoughts?Asked on: 2010-01-21 00:05:53... (Continue reading)

Why do mortgage rates keep going up after the Fed lowers their interest rate?

Neerdowellian asked: We’re in the market for a house, and it would seem that the lowering Fed rate would trickle down to the mortgage business. Instead, those rates keep going UP! How do they expect people to help out the... (Continue reading)

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Fixed rate mortgage rate ends in a few months, any ideas what I should do in the uk climate to prepare?

boggaloo asked: I know that anything could happpen in the next few months, no one would have forcast how bad things would get a couple of years ago. However I have to consider my fixed rate which I would like... (Continue reading)

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How do I get the lowest mortgage rate?

marlasobbing asked: I’m trying to get a mortgage in Florida. I have a credit score of over 800. Is there a seach engine where I can find what bank has the lowest rate?Asked on: 2010-01-18 08:00:54... (Continue reading)

What’s the best way to find the lowest mortgage rate possible after getting an accepted offer?

I’ll_Beat_U_At_Pacman asked: What do I need to do to know I am getting the best mortgage rate possible (just got an offer on a house accepted) – I live in Indianapolis, likely will get a 30 yr fixed. Any ideas... (Continue reading)

Can I sue my bank for not lowering my mortgage repayments in line with interest rate drops?

quornsam asked: Today the Bank Of England are deciding what to do with interest rates again. From news reports I hear that it may remain unchanged. However, in the last year there have been plenty of interest rate cuts. What... (Continue reading)

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