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Home Loans

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Can I take out a home loan for land and a manufactured loan?

Jak K asked: By home loan I mean a home loan and not a personal property loan like on a trailer home/manufactured home in a trailer court. I qualified for a home loan and I want to keep it cheap,... (Continue reading)

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How close to good faith estimate will my home loan be?

Annie asked: I’m just about to sign on my first home loan but want to know how close to good faith estimate will my loan be? I don’t want to pay much more than what I was quoted. The loan... (Continue reading)

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How to get a home loan and start paying on bad debit?

Daisy asked: My spouse and I are wanting to purchase a home. We pay our rent every month so we should be able to pay a house payment. We have some very bad credit issues in the past and would... (Continue reading)

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Trying to qualify for a home loan. Will adding my name to my parents savings account help?

michaeldorian asked: I’ve been doing alot of research in terms of qualifying for a home loan and can’t seem to find an answer to this. Many home loans require you to show a bank account statement of atleast 3 months... (Continue reading)

What factors do lenders consider when applying for a home loan?

anpresco asked: My boyfriend and I are applying for a home loan. The loan officer wants to use both of our credit and financial info for the application. I have both the better credit and longer employment history, but need... (Continue reading)

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What is the best home loan for a short term mortgage?

Jennifer d asked: It is for an investment property and I am only planning on holding on to it for 3-5 years. What is the best home loan available with the lowest payment without any differed intrest?Asked on: 2007-11-20 12:27:15... (Continue reading)

home loan?

are we there yet asked: my house is worth about $550k.. My credit score is 559 right now, due to my excessive credit card and student loan debt.. nothing has ever been late, it’s just that i have excessive amounts... (Continue reading)

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Can they denied you a home loan if you already have a student loan?

jaydra asked: Im trying to purchase a home but already have a student loan? My loan is deferred, Means i dont have to pay for it because im still going to school.Asked on: 2007-10-29 05:49:25... (Continue reading)

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What type of home loan is best for someone with 680 Credit score, no money down?

The Skizzanator asked: I’m looking to buy a home. My credit score is 680, but I have no money to put down. What is the best loan option for me? A friend is buying a home and he says his... (Continue reading)

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