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Home equity loan or refinance existing home loan?

My husband and I are looking into a home equity loan or refinancing our existing home loan. We own a doublewide on 4 1/2 acres that has been converted to real property. Which is better? A home equity loan, or... (Continue reading)

my home equity loan 6.7/8 %?

I have a home equity loan 16 years left on it. Can i get another loan with lower rate ? and 0 cash out for 10 years. xlent credit... (Continue reading)

Is there a way around the USDA home loan land/home ratio requirements?

Our prospective farm (house + acreage) was appraised at the land 45%, the home 55% of the appraised value. Apparently USDA has a strict 30% max land value to 70% home value requirement. The appraisal was off in my opinion... (Continue reading)

Getting a Home Loan in Australia?! i have some questions…?

I am thinking of buying an investment property next year. I am the perfect candidate as i don’t owe any money (paid off my car last year) & i don’t have a credit card or any other loans & i... (Continue reading)

should i get Home loan Cotes from More bank brokers?

Hi all, I am a buying new Homeā€¦ I contact one bank broker and she is offering me 5% at 0 point. Do you think I should get cote from more bank brokers? If I get more cotes, is it... (Continue reading)

With a credit score of 619 can I get a home loan?

I have three unpaid medical bills from four years ago on my account. I was going to pay it off (I can afford to now) but I’ve hread it will lower my score and make it more recent. I also... (Continue reading)

who funded the first home loans in the us?

In the early 1900’s what financial instutions funded home loans and what were the terms available?... (Continue reading)

Has anyone had a loan with Veterans United Home Loans? How were they?

Any veterans have/had a mortgage with Veterans United Home Loans? I read some complaints on the BBB, but this still have an A+ rating. I would like to hear a positive story or two before deciding to trust them. Incoming... (Continue reading)

Home loan and moving?

We currently have a home loan on our house, but we just sold. We just recently got an excellent locked-in rate that we hate to give up but we have to move. We found a house and want to put... (Continue reading)

What are the benefits of a home equity loan?

What are some benefits of a home equity loan? How does it work? Whats a good interest rate for someone with OK credit? My is good, but my husbands is fair. We are planning on consolidating high interest cards and... (Continue reading)

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