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Remortgage/equity loan prior to selling home?

I just have a couple of questions regarding remortgaging or taking out home equity loans. Friends of ours refinanced their home last year to pay off a few other assets and to take a big trip to the UK. Now... (Continue reading)

what type of home loan do i need or can i get one?

i need a home loan for like $400,000 and i only want to pay like $900 a month and not till im dead short and sweet max 30 years please help i suck at stuff like this... (Continue reading)

How to transfer home loan from HDFC bank to sbi?

I want to transfer my home loan from HDFC bank to SBI bank.Please guide.... (Continue reading)

Want to move, how do we work with this home loan?

My husband and I have a manufactured home that we have been paying mortgage on for 2 years now. We want to move, but can’t sell our home as it is an upside down mortgage. We can’t walk away and... (Continue reading)

how can i get approved for a home loan despite my credit?

i have no credit, but i do have a bad history with credit collectors…. i was told by a loan officer that i need to open 3 lines of credit in my name to be eligible….does this mean it is... (Continue reading)

Paying Off College Loans With Home Equity?

Has anyone ever paid off their college loans using the equity in their homes? I’ve been told that it’s the best and fastest way to eliminate debt but I’d rather hear what others have to say.... (Continue reading)

Getting home Loans with bad credit?

I have a couple of question about getting a home loan, is it possible get get a loan with bad credit, I have the income but my credit is not so good and I wanted to know can i get... (Continue reading)

Do you have to be active duty to recieve a VA home loan?

I was researching VA loans and got confused. Do you have to be currently active duty to recieve a VA home loan, or can you be out but still in the reserves?My husband has been Active duty during wartime for... (Continue reading)

Home loan aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!?

what is the best home loan for a first time buyer?... (Continue reading)

Could I get $300,000 worth of home loan?

I have around 740 credit score in average. I earn around 70,000 /year since last 3 month. My wife also has good credit score but she does not work now since last 2-3 months. I just joined this company 3... (Continue reading)

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