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Home Loans

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can you file bakruptcy on a home equity loan?

i have loan for mortgage and a home equity loan at a different company, thinking about bankrupcy on ccards and the home equity loan is that possible to file on it and not your house the first loan... (Continue reading)

Question about SBI Home loan..!?

I plan to take home loan about Rs. 10 lakhs ( Indian rupees ) for 10 years, from SBI, if I pay the complete loan within 4 years is there any benefit? I mean is there any concession on interest..?... (Continue reading)

Advice on home equity loans?

My mother passed away last year. She left her house to me and my one sibling (50/50). I want to buy-out the other half by making monthly payments to my sister. A suitable amount that we are both comfortable with... (Continue reading)

What do you think we can get for a home loan?

What do you think we can get for a home loan? We have good credit and through our bank we have a car that we owe $9,000 dollars on still and have made payments religiously, we also have credit card... (Continue reading)

My mother need to transfer her home loan to me. what is the procedure please?

My mother has home loan on her name. She is not working now and need to transfer her loan to me so that I can take it forward and pay the rest of the money. Can you please tell what... (Continue reading)

refinance or new home loan?

my husband and I currently have a land contract on our home and the deed is in my husbands name. We have till October to get a loan. would we apply for a new home loan or refinance the existing... (Continue reading)

Would a home equity loan help with this bill?

My mom is losing her memory and is almost 80 years old. We got a notice about a year of past due property taxes being owed of over $5,000. She has no other money but has a paid off house... (Continue reading)

Home Loan after Bankruptcy?

My bankruptcy discharged a week ago. I have 25K in savings. I want to buy a home of 250K with 25K down. I make around 70-80K, disclosed in papers and have no car payments or any other debt. Can I... (Continue reading)

home loans? need help please?

looking for a home loan, i have realy bad credit! is there anyone who will give me a home loan? or will i be renting for the rest of my life untill i no linger can work and have to... (Continue reading)

home equity loan to pay off mortgage? or stay with home mortgage loan?

I have a mortgage rate of 6.375 and have paid on it for 7 years now. The 30 year loan is down to 19 years and 9 months to go. I am looking for a lower rate of interest. I... (Continue reading)

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