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Home Loans

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What should I watch out for when applying for a home loan?

I would appreciate any other advise regarding home loans you think would be helpful.... (Continue reading)

How can I find my home equity loan statement online?

I no longer receive a Home Equity Loan Statement by mail. How do I look up my information online? What do I look under?... (Continue reading)

Can I get a home equity loan with a first mortgage?

I am buying my first home with an FHA loan. The mortgage company I am using doesn’t do a 203K loan and I would like to use money to improve the house. I was approved for $40,000 more than purchase... (Continue reading)

Home loan with no job bad credit?

I have no job my credit isnt good but my mother has a good job and is willing to cosign. The property i want to buy wil pay for itself mostly because it is a 3 family with a bottom... (Continue reading)

I Have Bad Credit, How do I get a Home Loan?

I need help with this problem. I have a pretty poor line of credit, but am looking to get a home loan…what can I do to improve my chances of actually getting a loan? I am not sure what I... (Continue reading)

Getting a home loan. Does property need to be local?

I’m having a dilema about getting a home loan. I know based on my income and great credit that I can get approved for a home loan if we were to get a house here in Pennsylvania. But we are... (Continue reading)

Who gives loans on mobile home loans?

I have a client that needs a loan for a mobile home. I have asked several finance/mortgage loan companies but no one finanaces mobile homes.... (Continue reading)

what does it mean to be “Pre-qualified” for a home loan?

My fiance has been going through the process of getting a house for the past month. We have been through two fazes out of three for getting qualified for a home loan. So far, we have had no problems and... (Continue reading)

Are veterans who are receiving a non-service connected VA pension eligible for a VA home loan if only 12m yr?

I am 61 yrs. old, never married, and have illnesses. I have never used the VA home loan, and want to use it now, but I realize that my pension, by itself, does not afford me the financial coverage necessary;... (Continue reading)

How is interest calculated on a home equity loan vs. a credit card loan?

I have an offer from a credit card company for 3.99% FIXED APR until the balance is paid off. I want to borrow $10,000 to build a deck and put a new roof on my home. I know that home... (Continue reading)

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