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What is the difference between a HELOC and a Home Equity Loan?

I know a HELOC is a “Home equity line of credit” but what is the difference between that and a “Home Equity Loan”?... (Continue reading)

help with home loan modification?

If you r on a home loan modification and, just have 1 more month to go,will acquiring a part time job mess things up?... (Continue reading)

Is home equity loan interest taxable?

what are the conditions that makes home equity loan interest taxable... (Continue reading)

Home Loan With Poor Credit?

hello, my 3 credit scores are 680 – 540 – 520 is there anyone that will approve me for a home loan? I also have 20K to 25K to put down on said house, i have had my current job... (Continue reading)

mortgage vs. home equity loan situation?

my father and his two brothers were gifted my grandfather’s house when he passed away. i told my father i would like to take the house from them so he moved the house from my grandfather’s trust to my name.... (Continue reading)

Home Equity Loan or Mortgage Loan?

I’m buying a second home that will cost me 340K. I am putting down 50% in cash. So all I need to do is finance 170K. If I get a Mortgage., there is a big closing cost, if I get... (Continue reading)

What are my chances for a home loan with my credit scores?

My husband and I are considering selling our house and looking for a new one within the next year. We need more room. My credit scores are 647, 619, and 630. My husband’s scores are very close to mine, but... (Continue reading)

Home Equity loan when needing a small amt. of money?

I know I do not understand when to get a home equity loan and how they work. My husband and I have fallen on bad times financially, but will be making a great deal more money in about 2 months.... (Continue reading)

Question about E-Loan and Home Loans?

Hello, A couple weeks back, while I was employed, I got pre-approved for a home loan as my wife and I are wanting to purchase. I have since left the company I worked at and am not currently employed. The... (Continue reading)

Home Loan Interest in maths, in more detail?

For this assignment We had to talk about where we had seen percentages i chose home loan interest at a bank we have to go in to detail about this about 3 paragraphs can anyone help me... (Continue reading)

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