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Auto Loans

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Do Auto Loan Deferments exist?

I am going on parental leave in two months and will not be unemployed for at least two months post-delivery. Does anyone know if such a thing as a parental or unemployment deferment exists for auto loans? I know they... (Continue reading)

Will I be approved for a car loan????

I recently graudated from college in May, and I am in desperate need of a new vehicle; however, I decided to immediately get my Masters and began graudate school. Two years ago I had my credit checked for an apt.... (Continue reading)

Auto loans and credit checks….?

I want to shop around for an auto loan with the best rate but need to know if all the applications or quotes will bring down my credit score…... (Continue reading)

How do car loans work?

so I have decent credit and im thinking about looking into getting a car loan just for a few grand. I do have a job just no car and my boyfriend is starting to get busy with work so im... (Continue reading)

Can you have a car loan and still get a home loan?

I have a car loan which is for 1800. And I have 20 more payments til it’s paid off can I get a loan for a house that’s around 30,000$? I’m Pregnant so I need my own house besides my... (Continue reading)

chittenden bank auto loan?

anyone have chittenden bank,if so how come they don’t send you a letter saying your monthly car loan is due. Also where do you check your auto loan balance on their website... (Continue reading)

Pay off Credit Cards first or Auto Loan?

Pay off the credit cards…at interest rates of 10-22% or Pay off the auto loan…interest rate at 3.991% Goal: Purchase a home, paying down debts and saving. Debts are not as critical to have on paper when applying for a... (Continue reading)

can a student get approved for a auto loan?

I’m a college student, 21 yrs old I’m trying to get an auto loan with capital one with $8000 Do i have a big chance to get it? my credit score is around 670... (Continue reading)

Auto loan suggestions help!?

I am trying to buy a car from someone but I would need a car loan for this. Do I go to a bank and ask for a car loan? Or what kind of loan should I be looking for.... (Continue reading)

Pay car loan or pay school loan?

I have a car loan 9%, i gave $5,000 for down payment, now i own $11400 on that car. I still have 4 more years to pay. Now, i have $11,000 from my school loan. I already received 12,000 before,... (Continue reading)

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