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Auto Loans

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I Want To Apply Auto Loan,can you plz recommend ?

hello, i need a auto loan to get used a car at dealer i have fair credit history,anybody knows any good lender? god bless you !!!... (Continue reading)

Can i have two title loan on two different cars?

i have a title loan with loan max on one car can i get another loan on another car different loan place in my name Incoming search terms:can u get loans on twi different cars... (Continue reading)

Put savings toward a Home Loan or Car Loan?

I have a few thousand dollars saved that I was planning to use for a home improvement project. However, I also currently have a couple grand of home loan debt and a car loan. I’ve been making more than the... (Continue reading)

After getting denied for an auto loan, how soon can I apply Again?

hubby & I got denied from our credit union (psecu) for an auto loan, and we are now paying some things off our credit now, and credit report used was exper. How soon can I go back to apply with... (Continue reading)

Should I put car payments into house refi loan?

I owe approx $121,000 on my house. I am planning on doing a refi at 4.5% and have a credit rating of around 800. Question I have 2 car loans. 1 of $520 per month with 3 years to pay... (Continue reading)

how to become a auto loan broker?

how to become an auto loan broker... (Continue reading)

Best way to pay off a car loan?

Im “upside down” on my car loan. I owe $23,000 on a vehicle that I could only get $11,500 for a trade-in right now. If I pay more than my set monthly payment will this really benefit me in paying... (Continue reading)

Which bank is easier to get approved for an auto loan?

Planning on financing a car in a month or so around $20,000. I make about 2k+/month and putting 4k down. I do not have extremely good credit and only have had credit established for a year but my credit score... (Continue reading)

Bad credit car loans without having to go through a dealership?

Up until the 13th, I had a 2006 Fusion that was unfortunately totaled in an accident due to snow. I was able to get that car because my mom took out the loan for me. But since she has two... (Continue reading)

When To Make Auto Loan Payment?

I am wondering if there’s any benefit from paying the auto loan in advance of the scheduled due date. Thank You... (Continue reading)

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