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Auto Loans

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need bmw auto loan?

I have a 590 credit score and want to take out an auto loan for a bmw 3 series. I work full time and make $15 per hour plus commission and monthly bonuses. I do not have a co-signer. I... (Continue reading)

Where to get a car loan after chapter 7?

Do anyone living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin know where to go to get a car loan after bankruptcy. My son filed for bankruptcy of this year and he need a car. He lose his job and now is working, so he... (Continue reading)

What would likely be the best way to refinance an auto loan?

My husband bought a car before we were married and received an ungodly interest rate due to his poor credit, at the time. We would really like to refinance it. Here are a few things to consider: – I just... (Continue reading)

Paid off auto loan and credit score dropped…?

I keep track of my credit score via the website and last month I had a rating of 740 at the beginning of this month I payed off my truck loan that I had for 6 years, and my... (Continue reading)

Paying my auto loan?

Ok. I have an auto loan that is payed ahead to October of this year. Can I make principal only payments until October, then continue making regular payments? Also, I plan on paying the loan in full by the end... (Continue reading)

how to get a car loan from a bank?

I’m working on about this project which requires me to give the selling price the selling price 16840 and with tax it’s 18187.20 the instructions are get a car loan from the bank and calculate the monthly payments based on... (Continue reading)

Debt to Income vs. Auto loan?

I have a few student loans on my credit file that make my debt to income ratio at 42%, but they are deferred until September 2007. I am trying to get an auto loan and the loan officer told me... (Continue reading)

Can i get approved for a car loan?

I make $8 an hour and work around 30-35 hrs a week. I’m 19 years old and I was wondering if I can get a car loan for $9,000 to $11,000. I don’t have any credit history and I DO... (Continue reading)

Auto loans? 10 pts.?

I am 19 years old with 7 months of credit history due to a credit card that have. How difficult will it be for me to get pre- approved for a auto loan? Who has the best rates for car... (Continue reading)

We are $10,000 upside down on a car loan!! WHAT can we do?

We owe $26,100 on a car loan and it blue books for $13,000 and we have $2000 to put down if we trade it in, but the negative equity will transfer over. HELP!!!!... (Continue reading)

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