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Auto Loans

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approved for auto loan with bad credit?

so recently ive been looking to get a car and i put in an application at auto credit express online and a day later some one from elmore toyota told me i was approved for a 10,000 dollar auto loan... (Continue reading)

Car trade. How to get rid of the car loan?!?

I have bought a new car with high monthly payments. Now I want to get rid of the payments/car loan. Blue Book calculates way too much less than what I owe for the car, so I would not be able... (Continue reading)

who has my car loan title?

Hi, I’m trying to remember. I have a car loan with Ford Credit. Do I have a title or does the bank keep that? Trading this car in for a different one and dealer is going to pay this loan... (Continue reading)

which is better? auto loan vs personal loan?

i have a good credit and short of 15000$ to buy a new car and on the other hand i am capable of paying back the amount in less than one year… i am in favor of personal loan because... (Continue reading)

Can I use a MasterCard to make my car loan payments?

I want to use my MasterCard to make my car loan payments so I can earn reward points. Will this count as a balance transfer? My MasterCard does not provide an interest free grace period on balance transfers. Does this... (Continue reading)

Credit union or Bank for an auto loan?

HELLO there! I am in the process of trying to get an auto loan. I went Washington Mutual and they stopped doing auto loans 3 years ago. (makes me wonder, b/c that’s who I bank with) Then I went to... (Continue reading)

Pay off first: Car loan or Student loan?

I’d like to get some outside feedback on which loan my husband and I should try to pay off first: We have a new car loan with payments of $193 for the next 5 years (4.09% interest rate). We also... (Continue reading)

car and home loan, interest rate?

I just graduated from college, my credit score is 700, but I will start working in january. if I apply for a car loan and home mortgage in february, will that affect my interest rate since my job is will... (Continue reading)

What are auto loans?!?

Okay, so look. I’m 18, and i’ve always wanted a car. I have a job, but it’s just been really hard to save up enough money to get one. So i’ve heard of this auto loan thingy mr jigger called... (Continue reading)

getting a car loan at 18?

I don’t have a car. Finding a cosigner would be hard too. I don’t have parents in my life for that. I am moving within a month and saving cash from working as a waitress. I don’t have any credit.... (Continue reading)

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