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Auto Loans

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Car Loan though no credit..?

Right now I’m driving around a 92 Volvo sedan ha ha and I’m pretty sure I should upgrade to new car. Though I have no credit and the only way I’d be able to get one is a car loan.... (Continue reading)

have you heard of first payment default on an auto loan? I was told it won’t affect my credit.?

I wanted to know will first payment default on an auto loan affect my credit if I take the car back and leave the keys?... (Continue reading)

Should I get a car loan? how does it work? I’m clueless?

Someone please tell me how to go about this, I’m on my own with this sort of thing….How long must I be established at my job before I am qualified for a car loan? I just opened my first bank... (Continue reading)

Car loan for someone under 18?

Mmm-kay. My little brother wants to get a loan for a car. He’s 16 years old, and I THINK he has a job (Idk, he has the money.) He says that he can get a loan if I (over 18)... (Continue reading)

Why can’t I get an Auto Loan?

So, I am in the market for a new car. I have talked to about 10 dealerships, three banks and two used car dealerships. Unfortunately, I need a new car right away due to the fact I feel the impending... (Continue reading)

where to get a car loan with recent car repossesion on credit?

where to get a car loan to buy a car with bad credit and recent car repossession?... (Continue reading)

What happens when you don’t pay your auto loan?

K, so heres my story, it’s a little different than most people. I bought a car in February of ’09 and the dealer failed to get the title to my bank as well as getting the plates to me. I... (Continue reading)

Should I refinance my car loan if I’m getting a home loan?

I’ll be aplying for a home loan soon and I’m refinancing my car loan tomorrow, should I don’t refinance. Would it affect my credit score?... (Continue reading)

Credit Score 641. Can I get approved for Auto Loan?

My credit score is 641 and my car motor finally gave out. I am looking at getting a used vehicle in the 13-15000 dollar range. I am wanting to trade in my old car which is only worth around 500... (Continue reading)

Car loan HELP! What is APR%?

Okay so im buying a used car soon. Taking a loan out of 60 months for $13,200 at a APR rate of 3.70%. My only question about car loan interest is how is the APR applied to the loan? -Is... (Continue reading)

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