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Auto Loans

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Auto loan for people with no credit history?

I have no credit history, have a brand new SSN, what all options do i have who will grant me auto loan... (Continue reading)

Cosigner of an auto loan responsible??

Is the cosigner of an auto loan responsible for the loan if the loan was refinanced by the buyer without the knowledge or consent of the cosigner?... (Continue reading)

what boost your Credit Score Car Loan Or Credit Cards.?

what boost your Credit Score Car Loan Or Credit Cards.? what gives u more points Car or Credit ? what’s the most Credit points u can get?... (Continue reading)

Need at 31K auto OR Personal Loan, Helpers only?

I need to get either and auto or personal loan for $31,000 with low monthly payments.(not higher than $400) Please help... (Continue reading)

Does paying off a car loan early save on interest?

I just took out a car loan that seems to be a mistake. (At an interest rate of 19.58% on a 12,777 laon) Since i have no knowledge about finances i first wanted to know if this was a bad... (Continue reading)

Was denied for an auto loan from my bank, what now?

Only have two years of credit history, little debt (one of my credit cards are 0% apr so I keep a small balance), FICO over 700, four lines, and have zero expenses (college student living with family). My income is... (Continue reading)

auto loan information?

hello, i’ve been interested in buying a new vehicle something around 17,000 or so not exactly brand new but new to me i dont have anything bad on my credit but i dont exactly have good credit i have had... (Continue reading)

Does taking out a car loan lower your credit score?

Just the act of taking out a car loan (i.e. a new debt showing up on your credit report)… does it do anything to your score?... (Continue reading)

Can I get an auto loan with bad credit?

I have found a car I want to buy….I need to get a loan for around $6,500…I have bad credit, is there any company that will give me a loan? I have tried several of them and have gotten shot... (Continue reading)

I have a car loan question?

If a person gets a 4 year car loan and pays in off in 24-30 months does that make their credit worse? Sounds crazy to me but someone told me this and this person is usually pretty smart.... (Continue reading)

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