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Where can I get the best car loan with bad credit?

Charisa F asked:

I transport people to and from Bible study and I need a car but first I need a car loan. My credit score is kind of low though. I also need to get to and from work. Any suggestions?
Asked on: 2012-10-11 01:45:25


  1. Rachna M says:

    Here is an excellent site with some wonderful options for you.

  2. try2help says:

    It is merchandise for something that is secured by an auto, so even w/bad credit someone will finance you. You will pay high finance though, it will be a sub prime loan. Sub prime loans, are made, especially if you buy a pretty good car, still, unlike in the real estate market, because of the high interest rates.

    Good way to boost your credit score also, make sure no late payments, but you will be paing some high interest rates, it won’t be cheap.

    Maybe on those old bad scores, rememer by law they are to come off in seven years, so with a good car loan, and your monitoring your credit bureau report making sure that if it is past 7 years it comes off your credit bureau report, and maybe make a settlement if you can, you’d be surprised at how you can restore your credit score in short period of time, as long as no bnkrptcy, law suits, or debt settlement programs.

  3. bob says:

    I found The best information about your Question HERE:
    (VERY good loans & options – – credit repair & score)
    Good luck!

  4. don a says:

    There are a huge number of banks that deal with auto loans for people with challenge credit. The two best choices are:
    1. Go to a very large dealership that advertises that they help people with credit problems. A large dealership will normally have more banks they work with, more talented leading specialist on staff, and stronger relationships with the banks. (There are exceptions to this rule of thumb.)
    2. Put down a large down payment. The more money you put down, the more likely the bank is to give you the loan.

    Also, note two additional things:
    1. Depending on current rebate offers, a new car may be easier to finance with a lower payment and lower down payment for you.
    2. Some credit unions are wonderful for people with credit issues.

    My advice is to find a dealer you feel comfortable doing business with. Believe it or not, there are honest auto dealers and honest car salespeople. Try to find one you instinctively feel good about. Generally, you will get the best deal from a “good person”.
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  5. Jolie says:

    There are not many people in this world who do not get excited by the prospect of buying a new car. This excitement can sometimes be deflated by the whole finance thing. If your credit history is not so good Let face it, we all need a reliable car to get around, and most of us would rather drive a nice new or late car than an old bomb.

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  7. Marry M says:

    need a best car loan with bad credit.don’t worry its better for you to try for an online loan.bcoz lot of banks in online lend loans even you have a poor credit.i think that the below website will help you to find right solution.

  8. MR ROLAND J says:

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  9. Shag says:

    Try they should be able to help. I sell cars and a lot of my customers get loans there. Good luck.

  10. JobExpert says:

    There’s a great site that offers car loans & quotes regardless of credit.

    They also offer credit help, downpayment assistance, and much more.

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