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What does my credit score need to be to get the best rates on an auto loan?

Ryan Z asked:

My credit score is 748 and I am curious if this is high enough to get the best rate on an auto loan.
Asked on: 2009-12-09 07:48:55


  1. MVD34 says:

    Yes, you shouldn’t have any problems.

    Technically 760+ would be considered “the best” and 800+ is perfect, but I doubt the rates for car loans will very much for a score as high as yours…especially if you use a credit union (hint..hint).

  2. Busy says:

    Finding a bad credit auto lender take a little bit of work to find the right one. When looking to buy a new or used car, the dealer may offer bad credit financing, or refer you to a lender. Car buyers should consider arranging their own financing.

    Unless you have a 700 or higher credit score, it might be a good idea to look at your credit report and see what you can do to improve your credit score. A 700 score will get you the best rates at the best loan terms.t.

  3. Beau.Gus says:

    Would you like to be very rich?

    Don’t get an “auto loan”. If you can afford a $200/month payment, buy a $200 car for cash, and drive it until it dies, all the while paying $200 a month into a savings account. If the car lasts six months, then you can pay cash for a $1,200 car when the first one dies, and the $1,200 car will probably last you 18 or 24 months, by which time you’ll have between $3,600 and $4,800 plus a trade-in that will be worth maybe $800, so you can buy a $4,000 car for cash…and so on.

    Unless you just LIKE being in debt!

  4. Vlad says:

    It looks like 760 is a magic number for home mortgage. I don’t think you need to be that perfect for a car loan. I think 748 will be enough to get the best deal available.

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