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Need at 31K auto OR Personal Loan, Helpers only?

I need to get either and auto or personal loan for $31,000 with low monthly payments.(not higher than $400) Please help


  1. Marko says:

    I’m a construction lender, but I can still give you a little constructive feedback. Even at a 6% interest rate and a 7 year term, an auto loan would cost you over $450/month. Most lenders won’t provide a longer term for auto loans. If need a lower payment, you’ll have to go with a unsecured personal loan. The interest rate will be higher, but if you can get a longer term – like 10 years – then even at a 9.25% interest rate you’d be under $400/month. Good luck.

  2. ghandirahmabuddajesusdrphill says:

    This is legit.

  3. ose e says:

    I am Mrs Tracy Lee a legit loan lender, i give loan to very serious individuals, i give out student loan,bank loan,company loan and business loan,with a very low cost of interest rate 5%, i give out loan at from $3000 to $5000000, meanwhile i saw your ad and i am willing to help you with your loan amount just mail back as soon as possible with your personal information and an attachment of your working ID card.Including your loan amount and duration. my mail; Thanks

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