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Does taking out a car loan lower your credit score?

Just the act of taking out a car loan (i.e. a new debt showing up on your credit report)… does it do anything to your score?


  1. spifiman1 says:

    Auto finance is what I do for a living and it only lowers your score a little at first due to the additional debt.

    After you have established a good payment history 3-6 months, your score will be higher then it was before.

  2. Non Sequitur says:

    As you can imagine, it depends on the other factors in the credit report. As a general rule, it will probably decrease the score slightly at first, and then the score will increase as payments are paid on time. I wouldn’t take out a car loan right before buying a house, but otherwise, it shouldn’t have too much of an effect. This is all dependent on how high or low the score is initially, and whether or not there are any other installment loans in the credit history. In short, maybe.

  3. Andy says:

    A new loan for a car cannot hurt your score by itself. It depends on your overall credit history.
    However, other creditors will look at the date of this debt and decide if your new total debt to income has changed, given the new loan, and assess risk level for them.
    If you got a loan for your car, this new account will reflect the opening balance and current balance to be the same. If you want the score to increase, do as much as you can to lower the current balance from the original balance.

  4. beauty s says:

    at first, the when u start making payments your score will go back up

  5. jesy s says:

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