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Can I get an auto loan with bad credit?

I have found a car I want to buy….I need to get a loan for around $6,500…I have bad credit, is there any company that will give me a loan? I have tried several of them and have gotten shot down…help please???


  1. Phil says:

    The credit market is tightening up. The only thing I can say is watch t.v. and see if any of your local car dealers still does those “Bad credit? No credit? No problem!” commercials. Be forewarned, however, that such a dealer will charge you killer interest rates.

    Are you without a working car right now? Because if you can get by with what you have, the best thing might be to save up and buy a car for cash. I know you probably have your heart set on this one, but there will be other cars.

  2. ruth.stanhop says:

    Bad Credit? then why you feel bad? In UK market the bad credit history people number is very big. So search a good company who provide you the bad credit loans.

    I think that we help you to search a best loan company who help you to get a best loan deal.

  3. Savanna says:

    If you think you need to have a new or used car to support your life activity, auto loan is the kind of loan which will guarantee a loan regardless of your credit ratingany banks and car dealers around your area, but for a guaranteed approval auto loan usually available via websites.

  4. Tony says:

    Yes, you can get Bad Credit Auto Loan.

    Car Loans even with a poor credit score. They charge little more but its affordable.
    Try now,

  5. Jessica T says:

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  6. Brooklyn says:

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  7. Vivien says:

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