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auto loan information?

hello, i’ve been interested in buying a new vehicle something around 17,000 or so not exactly brand new but new to me i dont have anything bad on my credit but i dont exactly have good credit i have had one personal loan with my credit union and was never late on a payment and paid it off on time so my question is would i be able to get an auto loan through my credit union since i’ve already had one loan or would i need to build up my credit some more before they would give me an auto loan. thanks for the answers


  1. Dixie Darlin' says:

    It normally takes 24 months of on time payments to establish your credit rating.

    Since you have already had a loan with the credit union they might approve you, you can call a loan officer there and explain what you would like to do, they should give some indication over the phone if you would be approved or not.

  2. Graham K says:

    Auto loans have been harder to obtain in this econonmy. The websites places are good but also check in your town.

  3. Steven says:

    yeah the credit union should be okay just don’t reply to anyone on here who says they can give you any loan you require.they want money from you and you will never get loan be warned they are scammers

  4. Hoa says:

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  5. Tanya says:

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  6. Kitt says:

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