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Auto loan for people with no credit history?

I have no credit history, have a brand new SSN, what all options do i have who will grant me auto loan


  1. John Balter says:

    Hi there,

    Yes, there will be places that will grant you an auto loan. Are you a college student or right out of high school?

    Typically, if you do not have much of a credit history, two things will happen:
    1. You will have to put a larger down payment
    2. You would have to get someone (with a better credit history) to co-sign the loan

    It is typically not an issue. Good luck!

  2. Smokies Hiker says:

    Expect to pay a very large interest rate for a loan if you have little or no credit history.Something around 15% or higher wouldn’t be out of the ordinary, if you find a dealer willing to take you on.

  3. ron h says:

    Forget the auto loan. Get a job close by work hard save money, buy a $1000 beater. Then keep doing the same thing and sell the car and have $2000 and move up in car.

  4. Lollie says:

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